Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert

Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert described four possible residencies. 1) the D-I-Y residency tries to circumvent the practical preparations (logistics, proposals) which hamper initiative. They find artistic solutions, with the support of random people and letting coincidental things that occur. 2) The “Holistic Chameleon” Residency starts from a dialogue with someone abroad, based on the concept of “sharing”. The artist works as a chameleon, changing his/her skin. R&F F&R feel 3) residencies in an arts center need to change: e.g. in a residency you need time to work in a comfortable environment without the hot breath of presentation-stress. A fourth type starts from the commons and how it rethinks the institutions and gives artists a more structural position in the exchange and operation of this art organization.

Commoning ART Residencies

In navolging van het onderzoek omtrent Commons in Gent door Michel Bauwens in voorjaar 2017 vatten de kunstenaars in Timelab de dialoog aan over de commoning van de kunstenaarsresidentie.
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