Duncan Speakman

Duncan Speakman’s research consists of how sounds can be a part of the experience of visiting a city or a social environment. In addition, he investigates how mobile technology can be ‘hacked” to initiate different (a more engaged) interaction between the user and his immediate environment ( instead of solely using technology to connect people from a distance, because this has a isolating effect in the immediate environment).

His most recent work namely consists of compositions with text and music. These can be heard and experienced through headphones in the public area. See the subtlemobs he made with Circumstance, his company.

When words no longer guide us

Een onderzoeksproject van Duncan Speakman, VUB, timelab en Vooruit in het kader van Art&D/Iminds

shortfilms for you

De realiteit rondom ons zit vol van tragische schoonheid. Alleen zijn we het kijken verleerd. Makers als Duncan Speakman kan je niet makkelijk in een hok van de kunsten zetten.

Shortfilms for you

Shortfilms for you

Portable speaker

We built 40 location sensitive portable loudspeakers for Of Sleeping Birds - a pedestrian symphony -, each one plays a different element of the music we composed.
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